About Camp Possability

About Camp PossAbility

Our mission

Provide young adults with traumatic spinal cord injuries a week of fun in a fully adapted environment where they can:

  • Push the boundaries of what they previously thought they were capable
  • Form friendships and connect with similarly-abled individuals
  • Learn and broaden their horizons
  • Let your guard down and just be yourself!

Camper growth

There are so many different ways that campers grow and leave Camp PossAbility forever changed. Some great outcomes you might discover include:

  • New friends
  • Interest in an adapted sport or activity
  • Increased knowledge from our medical staff how to live a healthy lifestyle
  • New tips from others dealing with similar circumstances
  • Greater self-confidence you can take with you from camp out into the world
    and so much more!
  • Camp location (NOT mailing address): 5040 State Road 67 N, Martinsville, IN 46151, located 20 minutes south of Indianapolis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What if I am newly injured and not independent yet?

Not to worry! All of our volunteers are trained ahead of time to help you handle all of your daily activities, and you will have your own volunteer with you at all times. We also have a full medical staff on hand for any problems that should arise. It will be a great week of growth as you get to learn from other campers with similar abilities.

What exclusions are there on who can attend camp?

To ensure that campers are able to connect and relate with each other, Camp PossAbility is limited to young adults with paralysis resulting from a traumatic spinal cord injury ONLY.  Our campers must have a typical high school diploma and have graduated from a typical diploma track or have their GED.  We cannot accept anyone with cognitive delays, behavioral issues, or congenital disabilities (disabilities from birth).

Additionally, for medical reasons, the following exclusions must be made: ventilators, hospitalization within 30 days of camp, and open wounds.

Is it required that you use a wheelchair to attend camp?

The short answer is, yes. All campers must require daily use of a wheelchair.

How will I know if I was accepted?

We review and process all applications on a case-by-case basis, and will reach out to you individually to inform you of your acceptance to camp. You should receive an answer by early March, depending on when your application was submitted.

Can I bring my caregiver or a family member to do my care?

At Camp PossAbility, we do not allow family members or caregivers to attend with the camper. This allows both the camper and the caregiver to have a break during camp week and give the camper a week of independence. We train all of our volunteers in spinal cord injury care, and our volunteers will ask you about your specific needs. You will have amazing care at camp–and a really fun week!

Camp Possability Campers

Brief History of Camp PossAbility

  • 2009: Lauren got the idea to start an adapted camp after realizing that there were limited camps (none that she could find) that specifically targeted those who had high cognitive abilities as well as physical disabilities
  • 2012: Lauren began reaching out to attorneys in Fort Wayne and found Kingsley Regnier who volunteered to help her set up Camp PossAbility as a 501(c)3.
  • 2013: 501(c)3 process was begun and Board of Directors was established
  • 2014: Camp PossAbility was granted their nonprofit status, and plans with Bradford Woods were established due to its accessibility, many activity offerings and great location.
  • 2015: Camp PossAbility was held for the first time, and has continued to grow and improve year after year, as we learn from experience and input from our campers.
  • 2020: Camp PossAbility had its first ever VIRTUAL camp due to COVID-19
  • 2021: Camp PossAbility’s target camper group was changed to exclusively those with traumatic spinal cord injuries

If you are looking for a place to belong, Camp PossAbility is your place! Come and join us!

Meet the Board for Camp PossAbility

Lauren E. Harmison

Lauren E. Harmison

Founder, Board Vice President, Camp CORE Team

Growing up, Lauren always asked for First Aid kits for her birthday, which as a nurse makes total sense! She had never been to a camp as a kid, so all of her camp experiences have been through volunteering at adapted camps and now through running Camp PossAbility. Lastly, she loves small-batch roasted coffee, which explains the coffee culture we’ve all grown to love at Camp PossAbility.

Sam Albro

Sam Albro

Board President

Sam is camp’s resident giant, standing at a staggering 1,651…millimeters. His passion for people is only rivaled by his love for Futbol and is a huge Liverpool fan. Sam is also a huge (no pun intended) fan of MANATEES and has even adopted one named Brutus. Fun fact: Sam owns five of the third largest species of tortoise in the world!

Dr. Adam D. Keesling

Dr. Adam D. Keesling

Medical Advisor

Adam received his undergraduate degree in Human Biology (BA) at the University of Kansas-Lawrence and then received a Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Kansas, as well. He completed his family medicine residency in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he became involved with Camp PossAbility. He currently resides in Arkansas City, Kansas, where he practices family medicine. Adam has an interest in medical missions and goes to the Dominican Republic at least once a year for medical mission trips. He also enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, bowling and KU Athletics. He greatly enjoys working with the campers, volunteers, and staff at Camp PossAbility.

Nick Younglove

Nick Younglove


Prior to Nick’s spinal cord injury, he loved doing anything outdoors and was a pretty phenomenal water skier among other things, so Camp PossAbility has been a great way to fill that need for outdoor fun. New York City is his favorite city to visit. He loves trying new food, and is open to trying pretty much anything once, as long as it doesn’t look too nasty that is.

Eric Harmison

Eric Harmison

Advisor/Camp Week Assistant Director

Eric Harmison is Lauren’s husband. While he says he joined the leadership team initially by default, he is an amazing asset to the camp team. Camp would not happen if it were not for his amazing logistical and engineering skills that help keep the storage unit packed and organized, loaded into the rental truck, unloaded and reloaded at camp, and then put back in the storage unit. He also helps fix everything from feeding pumps to wheelchairs while at camp. There are many “behind the scenes” and logistical issues that Eric handles, and camp would not run smoothly without him. In his free time, Eric likes to work on DIY and home projects, read about boats, and relax with Lauren and their daughter.

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